Evelyne Aguilar

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Starting at the young age of twenty, Evelyne studied the career of fashion design, then obtained a master’s degree in women’s apparel at Instituto di Moda Burgo from Italy.

After graduating she opened her own boutique in Mexico and launched her own brand, NOIA, participating in several runways such as Tijuana Fashion Week, Fashion International View Mexico by Janeth Klein, and Burgo’s Fashion Show Monterrey. She traveled to Spain and worked with Icon Model Agency as a fashion stylist and helped in different runways like Custo’s Barcelona. In 2011, she moved to San Diego and showcased her collection in Fashion Week San Diego, where she was seen and invited to RAW Artists, Project Ethos, and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Texas. She continued participating in several runways and photo shoots in San Diego, Hollywood, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, El Paso, and different cities in Mexico. She currently gives a fashion segment in Univision and is working as a junior fashion designer for Naughty Monkey Shoes.

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