FWSD 2014 Designer Spotlight | Alpaca Couture

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Alpaca Couture

Welsh designer Antonella Commatteo has teamed up with grass roots rancher, Wade Gease, to create Alpaca Couture, in becoming one of the first alpaca fashion design teams in the United States. There is a strong resurgence of utilizing natural fibers in the fashion industry, and alpaca fleece is emerging towards becoming a front-runner. Alpacas are predominantly found in Peru, Bolivia, and Chile, yet limited quantities of fleece are available in the United States. Alpaca Couture is one of the first to incorporate a percentage of these non-imported fabrics into its stimulating product lines, drawing upon the exceptional natural qualities and durability of the prized alpaca fibers. Alpaca Couture looks to generate demand for alpaca fashion and ultimately change perceptions for its use beyond that of traditional knit wear. Heightening awareness of this natural fiber will support an industry that in turn will actively contribute to the success of collections through further exposure of the use of this animals fleece.

Website | www.alpacacouture.com

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