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Laced with B

Laced with B is a swimwear collection designed by local San Diegan BreeAnn Quigg.  It is a line dedicated to making a woman feel extremely sexy. Quigg uses chains, studs and specific patterns that reflect the strength in a woman but still embraces femininity. For example, you can expect the mixing of harder elements with beautifully textured lace to bring out the different sides of a woman.  She is a talented self-taught seamstress with a degree in architecture that took those skills over to the sewing machine.  Laced with B swimwear debut last year, she will be showing her S/S 2015 collection at Fashion Week San Diego and we are so pleased to have her back.

“What does fashion mean to you?”

Fashion for me is the creative outlet I use to express myself. Designing is a way to show people how I view this world and satisfies this urge for me create art. I love the way clothes can make you feel and it’s just something you can’t explain. You can feel like absolute crap and you may put on a piece of clothing you love or a piece of jewelry and have a completely different feeling than two seconds before you put it on. I love the fact that fashion is always changing and there’s always something new to create.

“How did you decide to pursue fashion as a career?”

I’ve always loved fashion, but really decided to pursue it as a career during the last couple of years. While in college studying architecture I found that it wasn’t the career path I truly loved and fashion was closer to my heart. I thought the amount of time I spent on my design courses  in college were spent learning about fashion and sewing I would have a better head start, but architecture to me, relates very well to fashion. I learned a lot through my design classes and have used those tools when I design my swimwear.

“What’s your dream for your career?”

My dream for my career would be to own a store or multiple stores. I’d love to move into other areas of fashion design as well such as men’s wear and children’s wear. I love interior design and would love to design house decor. Throughout a lifetime I guess I have grand plans, but my first huge accomplishment would be to get my swimwear into boutiques, shops, and online. Next I want to own a store and I’d really love to go back to school and take classes in a few different areas such as graphic design, business, and fashion to become more knowledgeable in certain areas.

“What do you absolutely love about being a fashion designer?”

What I absolutely love about being a fashion designer is creating new pieces you haven’t seen yet. I love pieces that can be diverse and worn in an array of ways. I love the idea of pieces that can be transformed into something new. I also love being able to design for someone else. It’s a great feeling to see someone loving what I’ve designed for them. There’s an energy that someone can transmit when they feel great about themselves and fashion bring that out.

“What’s the philosophy of your brand?”

The philosophy behind my brand is simple, to construct beautifully well-made pieces that evoke emotion when worn. Attention to detail is very important to me and how well made a garment is. I am adamant to produce only well-constructed pieces and take pride in my craftsmanship as I believe my pieces reflect who i am as in individual.

“What about Fashion Week San Diego are you most excited about?”

What I am most excited about Fashion Week San Diego 2013 is the learning experience behind the whole journey. I’m so excited to learn and understand more about the industry. I absolutely love meeting new people and being inspired by the energy of everyone’s take on fashion. This is the biggest opportunity I’ve been given thus far and I really just want to absorb everything I can so I can grow as an individual and as a brand.

Website | www.lacedwithb.com

Facebook | Laced with B

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