Sierra Mitchell

Posted on: March 24th, 2020

Sierra Mitchell. Raised in the heart of Southern California sunshine Sierra Mitchell approaches her designs as an artist sculpts with stone to reveal the figure within it. There are no sketches or patterns needed. Only her relentless work ethic, and16 year career as a Technical Designer comfort her as she walks through the valley of fashion. She draws inspiration from the symmetrical architecture of neo-classical design to the post-modern style of minimalism that resonates in fabric instead of stone or metal. It is this balance between these points that she has found an organic structure that lifts her garments to be not merely clothing but a work of art. The combination of her garments being hand-cut and employing classical sewing techniques create a marriage between clothing and the person wearing it.


On her dedicated path of form and function, she has been an active participant in the fashion week in San Diego, DC and New York along with private shows of her own in the San Diego area. Her custom work has been sought by Amber St. James, Tans ENBY activist, Kick-Ass Drag Queen, San Diego’s first-ever Mx. Gay Pride & First International Mx. Pride, Vivvi The Force, artist, punk icon and Drag Queen Rebel, Dr. Ogay Irono, founder of the TIS Foundation, Andromeda Peters, a former Miss United States, and Cynthia lee Fontaine, formerly known as Miss Congeniality on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

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