Fashion Week San Diego  is the longest running, traditional fashion week to celebrate fashion & beauty industries by showcasing and highlighting the pulse of these entrepreneurs and what they are creating here in San Diego. Fashion Week San Diego is not just a week of runway shows, but a whole year of events. Check out our calendar.


Fashion Week San Diego  is a traditional fashion week that focuses on emerging designers from around the world and San Diego. We are the longest running and the biggest Fashion Week that is independently owned and operated. It all started to be a progressive modern change to how the fashion industry held, ran and produced fashion weeks with the main mission to be more designer focused. FWSD from conception has set out to hold relevant sales and marketing events to showcase the talent of these emerging brands by making sure they also have the opportunity to capitalize and sustain business from our events and exposure.  We are thrilled to be the model that so many try to inmate. We have a reputation for always being  professional, reputable, the right audience and produced real results for the designer brands we showcase. Fashion Week San Diego / FWSD has been able to launch the careers of many designers and continues to grow every year.

FWSD was the first and still only bi-national fashion week in the world. FWSD  is more than just one week of runway shows, it’s a full year of event and opportunities for our designers, including and not limited to pre-events and industry workshops.

Fashion Week San Diego  not only supports designers we also focus on emerging models. Every year we are able to highlight our Chelsea Casey Top Models of the year. These recipients get to participate in a major editorial spread and many get signed after this exposure.  We also couldn’t do it with out our incredible leads and partners in hair and beauty. These individuals are truly the best of the best in the city and we are so honored to highlight their work and have them on our team.

FWSD  has become a launching pad for designers and we don’t take that lightly. That’s why we have a selection process that only the best designers and brands get the chance to be on the FWSD  runway. FWSD  has been able to help designers get into other leading city Fashion Weeks, national magazines, TV opportunities, showrooms and several major retailers.  All while still highlighting the fashion & beauty industry in our community of San Diego.

Fashion Week San Diego was founded by Allison Andrews. She is a runway industry rebel, expert and extremely passionate about the fashion industry in Southern California, mainly San Diego county. She has made her life work supporting, encouraging and showcasing amazing creative geniuses and she wouldn’t want it any other way. You can learn more about Allison here.



The events are open to both industry professionals and the public. For sponsor, media and participant opportunities, as well as tickets, email

Press and media relations please email

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