Fashion Week San Diego is more than a moment on a traditional and world-famous runway- it’s a whole year of opportunities & exposure.

Fashion Week San Diego’s events are meant to get you out in front of customers and promote your brand.  If you are interested in becoming one of FWSD’s Designers, please fill out the online application!  



Fashion Week San Diego is the longest-running, traditional fashion week to celebrate fashion & beauty industries by showcasing and highlighting the pulse of these entrepreneurs and what they are creating here in San Diego. Fashion Week San Diego is not just a week of runway shows, but a whole year of events. Check out our calendar.

Fashion Week San Diego takes an innovative and progressive approach to traditional fashion weeks by being open to the fashion industry & general public. This creates a fruitful environment for our emerging designers and can help create demand by the consumer.

We are the largest and most impactful fashion event in California. 10 years strong, showcasing over 100+ designers from all over the world. Our Designer brands used FWSD as a launching pad and gained the industry fast track with being featured in Vogue, Fred Segal,  Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom,  Huffington Post,  Apparel News, and WWD to name a few heavy hitters. From their participation in FWSD, designer brands have also been asked to participate and show in world renowned fashion weeks like, NY, Paris & London. Over $250,000 + in direct sales from FWSD events in the first 10 years to these emerging brands direct from being a part of this fashion event platform.


FWSD® Style News

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