Posted on: February 25th, 2021

Eiona started as something to clear Designer Lashonza Featherston’s mind of stress. Like retail therapy, Eiona became her coping mechanism when things soured. It became her awakening. When Lashonza would envision working on her brand, it felt good and would raise her serotonin levels. (laugh) She knew she wanted to bring that same feeling to others through her clothing.

Eiona was founded four years ago in Designer Lashonza Featherston’s kitchen. Starting out working with velvets, cottons, and jean materials, each garment was coming out great, but it wasn’t quite fitting the brand vision. She wanted stretch fabrics, comfortable cotton blends, and elegant chiffons.. oh, and glitter! The initial direction of the brand was lingerie, however, through quarantine and time to visualize the brand’s purpose, it became clear which direction it needed to go. Eiona wants to bring happiness and healing into the world through fashion. Healing, self-healing, and therapy are the keywords to Eiona. Crystals and meditation play a key role in the designing process of Eiona, and crystals are implemented into the actual pieces. “I want Eiona to take up space. I’m sprinkling a little culture in there as well. I want Eiona to appeal to all walks of life and grace the biggest of screens and stages.” – Designer Lashonza Featherston

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Meet the Eiona Designer, Lashonza Featherston.

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