8 people share their favorite thing they’ve bought off of Amazon

Posted on: July 27th, 2020

A solution for remote work.

“Being remote with many responsibilities and meetings, I find myself in the car a lot. Therefore, I purchased these items to be more productive while on the road. I love the fact I can pull over next to the beach and have a mobile office if I absolutely have to get business done. All I do is attach the desk to my steering wheel, set up the laptop, place my Boba drink in the cup holder, and I virtually have an office experience anywhere. If my computer battery gets low, the inverter charges it quickly. Most car-related work experiences can be unconformable, but the mobile desk is a seamless experience. It gives a new outlook on professionalism outside the office and has made working from the car more efficient and easier when necessary. It comes in handy the days when it’s my turn to drive high-school soccer players to a three-hour soccer match.” —Gwen Bates, Director of Fashion Week San Diego.



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