FWSD 2015 Designer Spotlight | Alber Rezko

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Alber Rezko

Alber began working with jewelry at the mere age of 12, apprenticing with a friend’s father. From that day on he began experimenting with diamond cutting, metals, and designing.  With years of experience fabricating for distinguished Jewelry Design Houses, he now introduces his own private namesake collection, Alber Rezko Jewelry Design. With a range of timeless pieces to the au courant trends of the season, the collection boasts a diverse array of adornments. The designer’s high end line, Jewels, is comprised of fine luxury pieces reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour with a mixture of drama and romance housing fine diamonds, gemstones and gold. The Crush collection features an eclectic mix of frill, allure and charm mixing textures and fine metals set with diamonds and semiprecious stones. This rough and elegant collection has been inspired by utilizing flawed and imperfect stones making each jewelry piece one-of-a-kind.  The stones in each piece of jewelry are hand selected for color, character, and organically unconventional shapes, enhancing their individuality and natural beauty. Timeless yet swank, the Bridal Collection, features a plethora of designs that are sure to entice any individual.  The main focus of the collection is to fuse the intangible affection amongst two lovers, alongside a tangible representation.  The debonair selection of diamonds is the paramount process of creating each piece, designed to represent unity and promise.

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