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Black Filigree Couture

Elle Audra is the owner of Black Filigree. Elle is a Marine Corps Veteran and after being honorably discharged from the United States Marine Corps she sought to become a business owner. Elle was inspired to open her business after many successful years as a tattooed alternative model and being immersed in the tattoo community. Elle strives to enrich the community by providing a safe, unique, and sterile environment that encourages creative expression through art and tattoos. Black Filigree Tattoo opened its door January 2014 and soon after Black Filigree Couture was adapted to the company.

Elle had always had an innovative way of designing since she was younger. Due to the financial circumstances of her family during her childhood, Elle would alter her clothing in unusual ways to make it appear as though she had new clothes since her family could not afford to purchase clothing often. This skill later developed into a more refined execution as she got older. It wasn’t until Elle’s adulthood that she really started honing her couture craft. Elle’s son was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 2, and to accommodate his lengthy and numerous therapy sessions she had to start her own business to be able to create her own work schedule. She invested time into all her strengths; tattooing, couturier, and decor. The couture was a hit. Immediately her designs began to sell and get pulled for models and numerous magazines. Elle’s unique materials and design esthetic creates wearable art rather than clothing. Black Filigree has thrived since opening and will continue to thrive in all of its endeavors because Elle and its staff commit passionately to the creation of art.

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