FWSD 2017 Designer Spotlight | They & Them

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They & Them

They&Them was founded to break through the gendered fashion world and establish a space of non-binary harmony, based on the philosophy that gender has no bearing on the outcome of one’s life. The name is inspired by the usage of gender neutral pronouns, proving that even a fashion label does not need to adhere to a specific sex or identity. Creative director Ryan LaPlante was inspired by his own need to exist outside of the binary norm, finding inspiration within the LGBTQ+ community and the wonders and attitude of his hometown in San Diego. Both communities are rooted in self-love, individuality, and the ability to explore one’s identity.

Fresh on the world’s runway, They&Them aspires to bind the classic with the modern, traditional with the rebellious, and old trends with new ideas. It is made for those who dare to exist outside of social expectations; for those who believe that masculinity and femininity exist within everyone, and part of the journey of life is to discover that balance.

They&Them’s collection for Spring/Summer 2018, “QueerSpace”, aspires to transcend a world of unnecessary gendering and explore the vast space amongst the stars, full of bold color, soft femininity, and childish prints. QueerSpace allows humans to evolve beyond the binary code and show their true colors with pride.

“Be proud of who you are, and we’ll dress you for the adventure ahead.”

Website | theyandthem.weebly.com

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