FWSD18 Designer Spotlight | HMO by HARUMI MOMOTA

Posted on: February 16th, 2018








Fashion designer and an official Ambassador to the mark of Peru.

Her focus is on supporting the indigenous artisans from the various regions of Peru by stimulating the production of clothing and accessories. She creates her incredible styles by blending current trends in high fashion from around the world with Peruvian tradition. With her styles she is able to demonstrate to the world the traditional Peruvian textile art that display more than 5000 years of ancient Peruvian culture. Peruvian fashion is outstanding because of its unique weaving and textile techniques such as weaving stick, crochet, hand embroidery and loom handmade. Harumi utilizes the finest natural fibers in the world including Alpaca, Pima cotton and Tangüis cotton to create her designs. Harumi Momota is able to provide the highest quality products because she starts with best material which is provided by ITESSA.

Their yarn is only of the highest quality natural fibers from Peru. By buying this piece, you contribute to the Peruvian Andes continued textile art.


Website | www.harumimomota.com

Facebook | www.facebook.com/HarumiMomota

Instagram | www.instagram.com/hmo_harumimomota

Twitter | twitter.com/HarumiMomota

Pinterest | www.pinterest.com/hmo_harumimomota


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