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Posted on: January 18th, 2024

Meet the Designer, Ghadir Fakhreddine

Hello, My name is Ghadir Fakhreddine, I’m 30 yrs old & I’m originally from Lebanon, Beirut. I moved to San Diego, CA with my parents at the age of 12. Im a proud Lebanese-American who is married to a Latin-American and have a 2 yr old daughter. I’m a stay at home mommy and a self-taught fashion designer. I have a big dream, lots of goals, & a huge drive. For as long as I remember, fashion has always been my dream and my creativity is my passion. around 7-8 yrs old I would use my moms scarfs to make dresses & my siblings & I would do fashion runway shows at home. I think this is when my passion grew. when I moved to San Diego at 12, I remember watching a fashion show and that’s when I decided I want to become fashion designer. I quickly started sketching my ideas and created a sketch book for my designs. I’ve always knew in my heart that I have a dream and a passion for designing my own clothes & having a name brand, but I was too afraid and was searching to find a different career path that is less intimidating. But as years went on, I realize that I was torturing myself by not doing what I’m truly passionate about. I think the fire was always there, but when I got pregnant with my daughter in 2020, she inspired me to get back to what I truly love doing and I started sketching again. I believe she helped bring back the creativity i thought I’d lost! I decided to buy a sewing machine at the start of 2022 and taught myself how to sew by watching YouTube videos and lots of practice. Quickly after I was able to create my 1st collection. In July, I decided to open my own clothing brand gffashionhouse. My brand is very dynamic and unique. As a person and a designer, I love variety. I describe my pieces as feminine with a dash of edgy. I want my brand to embrace uniqueness & highlight the beauty of each person. I’d say my brand will be a place to feel confident, radiant and ready to take on the world like the goddess you are.

Kind regards, 
Ghadir Fakhreddine 

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