Odd Bird Designs

Posted on: March 9th, 2022

Odd Bird Designs. Odd Bird Designs is a womenswear brand that started in 2016, debuting at San Diego Fashion Week San Diego. Odd Bird Designs is known for their quirky aesthetic, bold colors, and original prints. Designer Brittany is from Tucson, Arizona but has lived in San Diego for almost a decade. Her design history includes prom dresses, wedding dresses, children’s clothing, accessories, and doing alterations. She created her brand Odd Bird Designs to make a space for those who want to dress up in something flattering, yet left of center. Odd Bird is someone who was always called weird, but knows that it’s really her superpower! 

After taking a couple year break to care for her daughter, she is back and ready to create! For Fashion Week San Diego 2022, she hopes to bring a sense of wonder, humor, and fun to the runway. 

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Meet the Designer, Brittany Arriola.

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