Territa Torres

Posted on: March 9th, 2022

Territa Torres Designs. Territa Torres Designs prides itself on using art and traditional tailoring techniques to design and construct unique one-of-a-kind statement pieces that indulge every woman’s desire to feel classy, elegant, and special. All designs include TTD signature knife pleats that ensure individuality and removes the fear of blending in or worst the same garment as someone else! TTD places her client as the heroine of her very own exclusive story.  Assisting the lead through the many phases of creation: with one-on-one interaction between client and fashion designer, personalized sketches of client design(s), providing a selection of the best embroideries and the finest fabrics, color palettes of the client, and designer choices with an added trendy selection. The client is included in every aspect of the creation, from start to finish, to the largest and/or smallest detail until the garment is completed. Production is strictly made in the USA.  TTD is for the woman who loves luxurious escape vacations, jet-setting around the world to see first hand the beauty of life and all its wonders, with a jaunty personality that is too big to hold down. 

Founder and lead designer, Territa Torres, lives by the brand’s motto,

“Sometimes, all you need, are pleats!

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Meet the Designer, Territa Torres.

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