Posted on: March 24th, 2020

VaughnBerry. Simple, rustic, and meticulously handcrafted details combined with unique techniques in construction, evoke luxury in the menswear of VaughnBerry.  Versatile silhouettes bring an androgynous style and uniqueness to fashion.  A perfect gentleman needs to feel stoic, empowered, and enlightened all while showing no sense of fear.  VaughnBerry is a sophisticated man who does not take himself too seriously and is not afraid to take risks.  This man travels with the belief that the adventure is more important than the destination.  Creative director, Bryan Vaughn, believes that fashion is not just clothing but a way of life.  Bryan Vaughn grew up on a ranch in Southern California and has always been an enthusiast of the outdoors and mother nature.  Bryan views himself as one with nature, where he gains a vast majority of inspiration.  Strong, determined, and outspoken, Bryan finds himself looking for the new and unexplored to share with the world.

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Meet the Designer, Bryan Vaughn.

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