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Fashion Week San Diego ® is a traditional fashion week to celebrate fashion & beauty industries by showcasing and highlighting the pulse of these entrepreneurs and what they are creating. Fashion Week San Diego is not just a week of runway shows, but a whole year of events. Check out our calendar.

Fashion Week San Diego® takes an innovative and progressive approach to traditional fashion weeks by being open to the fashion industry & general public. This creates a fruitful environment for our emerging designers and can help create demand by the consumer.

“Fashion Week San Diego ® has become a HUGE event in our community. It’s important to the city of San Diego on a couple of fronts, firsit off it brings tourists to San Diego… Fashion Week San Diego is helping to build our economy, create jobs, and educate young people…The city of San Diego is proud to have this event in our community.” 
Todd Gloria 
President of San Diego City Council
FWSD® Style Blog