FWSD Hiatus | Letter from our Founder/Director

Posted on: February 19th, 2019

Dear FWSD Community-

I write this to inform you of my decision to take this year off from producing Fashion Week San Diego, this also comes with the decision to find and be open to any other event producers or Directors that might want to continue to grow this world recognized and respected fashion week.

You have been a crucial part of FWSD success and it’s of huge importance to me that you are a  part of this process as you have been. I’m open to any feedback or suggestions you have and will be candid with you about this decision.

I’m extremely proud of everyone involved with this event and brand. We have accomplished a HUGE feat that most wouldn’t make past year one and let me remind you our year one was in the recession when no events were being produced or started.

We’ve been able to launch the careers of designers, makeup artists, hair artists, musicians, performers and even traditional artists. This brand has been so significant to so many and has had a huge impact on our community, industry and setting a bar of excellence for others to follow and model after. It’s those statements that make my heart over flow with appreciation and love for all who got on board with me 12 years ago when I proposed the crazy idea of even making this event happen. At the end of the day the biggest satisfaction I have and we all should have is what I said we would do and accomplish we did it and we did it well!

As all things have cycles and seasons, I’m at the point in mine where I’ve done what I set out to do and accomplish with Fashion Week San Diego. I did it. I’m extremely proud and over flowing with pride and appreciation for all involved. Now, for the brand and events it is time for another to take it on and put their spin on it. If you are interested in continuing to make FWSD happen, click here!

As I was quoted in our press release, “This event is not just an event, it’s a community, a recognized brand, and encompasses a full year of signature events to sustain and continue to grow it. After building this brand and events from nothing to a leader of the industry and respected fashion week business model, it’s time for me to let another take it on and bring their fresh perspective to the brand and events. As all things fashion, new energy, trends and new blood is always welcomed.”


In prosperity and love,

Allison Andrews

Founder of Fashion Week San Diego


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