Jumpball Apparel

Posted on: March 15th, 2022

Jumpball Apparel. Jumpball Basketball Apparel is a sports clothing line headquartered in San Diego, California, aimed at revolutionizing student athletics with its unique style of basketball apparel.

The company has been working with other basketball outfits since 2014, producing quality and stylish snapback caps, t-shirts, and jumpers in different editions and collections.

Jumpball Basketball Apparel with its uniqueness brings back the fun and excitement in basketball without necessarily going to the NBA, with the apparel coming in different designs and themes like the Alley Oop, Jump it Up, and Love & Basketball.

Jumpball Basketball Apparel currently works with a number of associations and sporting agencies like the United States Basketball Association (USBA), Hoop Group Elite, Las Vegas FAB48, Big Foot Hoops, and a host of others.

The Founder and CEO of Jumpball Apparel, Danny Essix, was recently featured in the January issue of the Stardom 101 magazine, where he emphasized the company’s readiness and zeal to promote the urban trend in basketball.

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Meet the Designer, Danny Essix.


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