Needles and Spines

Posted on: March 10th, 2022

Needles and Spines. Needles and Spines is the Farm, Fibers, and Fashion brand of Grace Spath. Grace lives on a hobby farm in Southern California where her husband operates an agave Nursery- If the spines outside don’t get you, the needles inside will! That’s how Needles and Spines originated. It’s also a play on words for her love of all that is nature-from the desert spines to the forest pines.

She says she creates and makes because her soul yearns to do so-needing it almost as much as air to breathe. She started sewing in Middle school, attended Memphis College of Art on artistic scholarship, and then officially studied fashion at Palomar College. In 2015 she dived into natural dyes and fell in love with the spontaneity of color it gave. In 2018 she moved to her 7+ acre ranch in North County San Diego, where all her loves of creating and natural living combined.

Her designs fall somewhere between fashion and fiber arts. Each piece is created with story and intention. Most of her pieces are not only hand-sewn from natural materials, but also hand-dyed, embroidered, woven, printed, and sometimes even homegrown. Each of her pieces is one of a kind, custom made, unique, and made to order.

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Meet the Designer, Grace Spath.

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