Radiant Robes

Posted on: April 18th, 2023

Radiant Robes. Radiant Robes is a passion project created by Kyle in the Spring of 2020. After attending her favorite festival Lightning in a Bottle for the first time in 2018, she was inspired to make unique and funky kimono pieces after searching for a garment and not finding what she wanted. After two years of manifesting she went to Bali to source her silks and attended a retreat called Uncover and Activate where she wrote out her business plan. One month later she was without a job due to COVID-19 and, having everything she needed in front of her, Radiant Robes was born!

Radiant Robes is a handmade slow fashion clothing brand where we focus on the comfortability of our wears while evoking uniqueness and confidence in each piece when worn. We hand-feel every fabric before purchasing and want to ensure that everyone feels great which transcends into looking great! We specialize in funky embellished kimonos while also offering pants, tops, and robes. Let us drip you!

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Meet the Designer, Kyle Anderson.

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