Urban Pigeons

Posted on: September 29th, 2023



Meet the Designer, Artist Gregory Dubuisson.

Artist Gregory Dubuisson, also known as Yazbthegreat, is an award-winning Haitian fashion designer, painter, musician, and founder of Urban Pigeons. In 2012, Urban Pigeons was born through a unique, luxury, modern streetwear idea. The name “Urban Pigeons” represents an artistic concept of inclusion, individual creativity, and self-expression within a collective. Yazbthegreat has influenced the face of fashion throughout New England, leading him to showcase in New York, Thailand, and numerous events throughout the Northeast. His vivid and flamboyant designs are inspired by traditional and cultural patterns of Haiti, Guadeloupe, and Asia.  The latest Urban Pigeons collection includes signature reversible trenches, cropped jackets, vests, skirts, pants, and bodysuits. Unique design elements such as floor-length fringe, sashes, and sculptural collars bring whimsy and movement to the collection. These vivid and one-of-a-kind garments encourage creativity, exploration, and imagination. Taking inspiration everywhere from a simple shadow or color to a cultural experience, Yazbthegreat’s design process is intuitive, with the final products encouraging the wearer to follow their intuitions and choose a brighter mood. Yazbthegreat aims to create a future where everyone can feel comfortable in what they wear. Step out of your comfort zone and join the flock of Urban Pigeons.

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